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Precinct Caucus

Colorado’s Democratic and Republican parties will hold precinct caucus meetings March 6 in advance of the June 26 Primary Election. Only voters who are affiliated with the Republican or Democratic Party may actively participate in a precinct caucus for their political party.

At a precinct caucus, attendees will make two important choices. First, voters will elect Precinct Leaders. These volunteers will represent the party in each precinct, serve on the County Party Central Committee, help get out the vote for party candidates, and assist with planning the next caucus. Second, voters will choose delegates to their Party’s County, District and State Assemblies, where their delegates will nominate candidates to the Nov. 6 General Election ballot and approve the party’s platform.

The Democratic and Republican Parties plan precinct caucuses and designate the meeting sites. For information, please contact:

Please visit to find your precinct number, update your voter registration and/or affiliate with a political party.