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Arapahoe County modernizes elections with new voting system

The Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder’s Office will replace its aging voting system with new equipment in time for the June 28 Primary Election. Arapahoe is one of 20 counties that will purchase Colorado’s new uniform voting system from Dominion Voting Systems in 2016.

The Board of County Commissioners today unanimously approved the $1.1 million purchase of the State-approved voting system, which includes voting and tabulation equipment, computer software and hardware, upgrades, warranties, training and support. The new equipment will replace the County’s 10-year-old voting machines, 20-year-old tabulation machines, and 20-year-old election management software and hardware, all of which have reached their life span and are costly to maintain.
“We are excited to move forward with adopting Colorado’s new uniform voting system in time for this important election year,” said Clerk and Recorder Matt Crane. “Using funds we had reserved for this purpose, we will replace our legacy equipment with a system that will make voting easier and more accessible for our 390,000 registered voters, tabulate ballots more efficiently, and offer a higher level of confidence in election results.”

Arapahoe County has set aside funds to purchase a new voting system for several years, so the purchase will not impact its 2016 operating budget. In addition, the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office will provide $60,947 in federal funds to help pay for training and implementation of the new system.

Dominion Voting Systems was selected to provide Colorado’s uniform voting system by Secretary of State Wayne Williams after a three-year competitive bidding process. Williams appointed a Pilot Election Review Committee to evaluate four different voting systems that were piloted in eight counties during the 2015 Coordinated Election. After 10 months of assessing the different systems and multiple costs proposals, the PERC unanimously selected Dominion as the top choice for Colorado. Williams embraced the Committee’s recommendation and decided to contract with Dominion for one cost-effective, trusted voting system. Counties may choose when to buy and implement the new system.

“Dominion has been tremendous election partner with Arapahoe County for approximately 30 years,” said Commissioner and Board Chair Nancy Doty. “We have great confidence in the competitive process used to test and evaluate their technology, and are excited to watch the Clerk and Recorder’s Office roll out this new system in time for the Primary and Presidential Elections.”

Colorado’s transparent and inclusive pilot process is now being heralded as an example for jurisdictions across the country.

“Your pilot process and uniform system approach are a national model as states and locals begin to look at how to replace their equipment,” wrote U.S. Election Assistance Commissioner Matt Masterson in a letter to Secretary Williams.

The Clerk and Recorder’s Office will send Primary Election ballots to all active registered Democratic and Republican voters beginning June 6. You must be affiliated with a major political party to vote in the Primary. As a feature of the new system, voters can expect mail ballots that feature fill-in circles, instead of arrows, to reduce confusion. Also new, citizens who wish to vote in-person at a Voter Service and Polling Centers will use touch-screen tablets to mark the ballot.

To update your voter registration or learn more about elections in Arapahoe County, please call 303-795-4511 or visit

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Download images of Arapahoe County’s new voting system: