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Unaffiliated voters: Return only ONE ballot in the 2018 Primary Election

Send in One Ballot. Vote Only One.

The Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder’s Office would like to remind unaffiliated voters that they may vote and return only ONE ballot for the June 26 Primary Election.

Do NOT return both the Democratic and Republican ballots. If you vote both, your vote will NOT count.

Colorado’s new law requires that unaffiliated voters receive both ballots, but they can vote only one. This ensures that unaffiliated voters have an equal voice to affiliated voters.

To-date, 366 unaffiliated voters in Arapahoe County have voted and returned two ballots. Per State law, these ballots were rejected and will not count. That represents 3.7 percent of the 9,800 unaffiliated ballots that were processed so far in this election. There is no option to remedy or “cure” this situation.

“While more than 96 percent of unaffiliated voters who have cast a ballot have done so correctly, 3.6 percent is a big enough margin to potentially have an impact on a contest,” said Clerk and Recorder Matt Crane. “It’s important to follow the directions and make sure you cast only one ballot, so that your vote counts and your voice is heard in this election.”

Total turnout in Arapahoe County for the Primary Election is 53,539 voters, or 14.54 percent. Of those, approximately 40 percent are affiliated Democratic, 38 percent are affiliated Republican and 22 percent are unaffiliated. No minor parties are holding a primary election, and therefore minor party voters are not eligible to vote in this election.

For interactive turnout data, please visit Unofficial election results will be available from the home page of this website beginning at 7 p.m. on Election Day.  For more election information, please call 303-795-4511, follow @ArapahoeClerk on Twitter or like @ArapahoeVotes on Facebook.

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Media Contact: Haley McKean, Communication and Public Information Manager, 303-734-5465