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On The Ballot

The Nov. 6, 2018 General Election will determine the outcome of city, county, state and congressional seats, judge retention and local and statewide ballot issues.

Learn about Candidates and Issues
Cities, School Districts and Special Districts

View the TABOR Notice to see analysis of the tax or debt-related ballot issues from local cities, schools and special districts.

Find information on local candidates and issues by visiting the the website of the jurisdiction that is sponsoring the question. Links are available below.

Cities and Towns
City of Aurora
City of Cherry Hills Village
City of Glendale
City of Littleton

School Districts
Aurora Public Schools
Bennett School District 29J
Littleton Public Schools
Sheridan School District No. 2

Special Districts
Goodman Metropolitan District
South Metro Fire Rescue Authority
Tallyn's Reach Metropolitan District No. 2
Tallyn's Reach Metropolitan District No. 3
Urban Drainage and Flood Control District

Statewide Issues and Judge Retention

Learn about the statewide measures and see recommendations on retention of Colorado judges in the 2018 Blue Book, prepared by the Legislative Council to the Colorado General Assembly. 


This list of candidates have been certified to the ballot by the Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder's Office or the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office. Candidates appear in the order they will appear on the General Election ballot, based on the required, random lot drawing.

Note: See recommendations on retention of Colorado judges in the 2018 Blue Book prepared by the Legislative Council to the Colorado General Assembly.

Candidate Name Office District Party Incumbent Website
Charles Casper Stockham US House 01 Republican No
Diana DeGette US House 01 Democratic Yes
Raymon Anthony Doane US House 01 Libertarian No
Miguel Lopez (Write-In) US House 01 Democratic No
Karen McCormick US House 04 Democratic No
Ken Buck US House 04 Republican Yes
Richard Lyons Weil (Write-In) US House 04 Democratic No
John B. Vigil (Write-In) US House 04 Green No
Mike Coffman US House 06 Republican Yes
Jason Crow US House 06 Democratic No
Kat Martin US House 06 Libertarian No
Dan Chapin US House 06 Unaffiliated No
Christopher Allen (Write-In) US House 06 Green No
Jared Polis/Dianne Primavera Governor/Lt. Governor State Democratic No
Walker Stapleton/Lang Sias Governor/Lt. Governor State Republican No
Bill Hammons/Eric Bodenstab Governor/Lt. Governor State Unity No
Scott Helker/Michele Poague Governor/Lt. Governor State Libertarian No
Wayne Williams Secretary of State State Republican Yes
Jena Griswold Secretary of State State Democratic No
Amanda Campbell Secretary of State State American Constitution No  
Blake Huber Secretary of State State Approval Voting No  
Brian Watson Treasurer State Republican No
Dave Young Treasurer State Democratic No
Gerald F. Kilpatrick Treasurer State American Constitution No
Phil Weiser Attorney General State Democratic No
George Brauchler Attorney General State Republican No
William F. Robinson III Attorney General State Libertarian No
Tim Krug State Board of Education 04 Democratic No
Debora L. Scheffel State Board of Education 04 Republican Yes  
Lesley Smith CU Regent State Democratic No
Ken Montera CU Regent State Republican No
Christopher E. Otwell CU Regent State Unity No
James K. Treibert CU Regent State Libertarian No
Toren Mushovic State House 03 Republican No  
Jeff Bridges State House 03 Democratic Yes
Emily Sirota State House 09 Democratic No
Bob Lane State House 09 Republican No  
Richard J. Bowman State House 36 Republican No  
Mike Weissman State House 36 Democratic Yes
Tom Sullivan State House 37 Democratic No
Cole Wist State House 37 Republican Yes
Chris Kolker State House 38 Democratic No
Susan Beckman State House 38 Republican Yes
Janet Buckner State House 40 Democratic Yes
Richard Allen Bassett State House 40 Republican No  
Lynn Myers (NOTE: Dahlia Jean Weinstein has withdrawn and a new candidate has been appointed. All votes for Dahlia Weinstein will be counted for Lynn Myers) State House 41 Republican No
Jovan Melton State House 41 Democratic Yes
Mike Donald State House 42 Republican No  
Dominique Jackson State House 42 Democratic Yes
Rod Bockenfeld State House 56 Republican No
Dave Rose State House 56 Democratic No
Kevin Gulbranson State House 56 Libertarian No
Don Strickland County Commissioner 2 Democratic No
Nancy N. Sharpe County Commissioner  2 Republican Yes
Nancy Jackson County Commissioner 4 Democratic Yes
Winfred Watt Deal County Commissioner 4 Republican No  
Joan Lopez County Clerk and Recorder County Democratic No
Matt Crane County Clerk and Recorder County Republican Yes
Sue Sandstrom County Treasurer County Republican Yes  
Marc Scott County Assessor County Republican Yes
P.K. Kaiser County Assessor County Democratic No
Tyler Scott Brown County Sheriff County Democratic No
David C. Walcher County Sheriff County Republican Yes
Eric Mulder County Sheriff County Libertarian No
Kelly C. Lear County Coroner County Republican Yes

Unofficial Spanish Translation of Issues and Questions

La Traducción Extraoficial en Español de las Preguntas de Balota: Este documento extraoficial contiene la las preguntas referidos y iniciados de balota traducidas en español. 

Official Spanish Translation of Colorado Ballot Booklet

2018 Folleto InformativoEste folleto aporta información sobre las 13 medidas en todo el estado que contendrá la balota del 6 de noviembre de 2018, y sobre los jueces que incluirá la balota para ser retenidos en el cargo en su área.


This page is provided as a service to the voters of Arapahoe County and is not an endorsement of any candidate or issue. The Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder's Office is not responsible for any content on any candidate or ballot issue website.