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Update Registration

Update Voter Registration

View your voter registration online and change your address or political party affiliation. If you prefer, you may print and complete the paper registration form and return it to us. (Please note, if you have requested 'confidential status,' you will not be able to view your voter registration online and must use the paper form.)

Change Name

Print and complete the paper registration form with your new legal name and return it to us at the address below. Sorry, Colorado does not allow voters to change their name online. 

Withdraw Registration

If you are moving out of Colorado, please withdraw your voter registration online or complete the paper withdrawal form and return it to us at the address below. A voter may not cast ballots in two states.

Request Confidential Status

Some information in your voter registration is considered public record. You may request confidential status in some circumstances.

Cancel Registration for Deceased Person

If your family member has passed away, you may cancel his/her voter registration by sending a signed letter to the Clerk and Recorder's Office in the county where he/she lived. Please include your deceased family member's full name, date of birth, and address.

My Precinct, Districts and Elected Officials

Use our Registered Voter Search to find your precinct number, see a list of your federal, state and local districts, and a list of your elected officials. 

For more information about voter registration requirements and deadlines: