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2017 Election

The November 7, 2017 Coordinated Election determined the outcome of ballot issues and races for cities and towns, school districts and special districts in Arapahoe County. There were no federal, statewide or county questions or races. Voters only received a ballot if they lived in one of the participating jurisdictions listed below with a race or question on the ballot.

Official Results and Resources

Unofficial Turnout Data


Arapahoe County conducted recounts Nov. 28 of two ballot questions and three contests for the 2017 Coordinated Election. Adams and Douglas Counties also recounted ballots for impacted contests in their counties. The recounts did not change the outcome of these contests.

See the official results of the recounts in Arapahoe County

Recounts were completed for: 

  • Bennett Fire Protection District No. 7 Ballot Issue 4D
  • Byers School District 32-J Ballot Question 3B 
  • City of Aurora Council Member At-Large Race
  • City of Centennial Council Member District 4 
  • City of Greenwood Village Council Member District 4

Learn why the recounts were conducted.

Coordinating Jurisdictions

Voters received a ballot in 2017 if they lived in one of the participating jurisdictions listed below with a race or question on the ballot.

Cities and Towns

  • City of Aurora
  • City of Centennial
  • City of Englewood
  • City of Greenwood Village
  • City of Littleton
  • City of Sheridan
  • Town of Foxfield

School Districts

  • Aurora Public Schools
  • Bennett School District 29J
  • Byers School District 32J
  • Englewood School District 
  • Sheridan School District No 2

Special Districts

  • Bennett Fire Protection District No. 7
  • Sable Altura Fire Protection District
  • Sheridan Sanitation District No. 1
  • South Suburban Park and Recreation District
  • Strasburg Fire Protection District No. 8
  • Valley Sanitation District
Voter Turnout

Use the interactive tool below to view final, unofficial voter turnout of Arapahoe County registered voters for the 2017 Coordinated Election. See Arapahoe County's public voter turnout list.

  • To Zoom In: Click on the blue header of any tile that interests you. Click the Focus Mode icon in the top-right corner of that tile to expand it to the full screen.