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Upcoming Election

The November 5, 2019 Coordinated Election will determine the outcome of local contests and questions. The issues and races are not yet known, but there will not be any statewide or federal seats on the ballot. Voters will only receive a ballot if they live in one of the participating jurisdictions with a question or race on the ballot. 




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Ballots will be mailed in mid-October only to active registered voters who reside in a coordinating jurisdiction with a race or question on the ballot. (There is no requirement to apply for an absentee ballot in Colorado.) The races and questions are not yet known.

Visit to check that your voter registration is active and your mailing address is current. Ballots are not forwarded by the Postal Service, even if you have submitted a Change of Address Form to the post office. 

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Ballots will be mailed to active registered voters beginning Monday, October 14, 2019. Please allow one full week for your ballot to arrive. 

If you do not receive a mail ballot by Monday, October 21, please go online that week and update your voter registration at and a replacement ballot will be mailed to your new address. Ballots cannot be forwarded by the Postal Service.

After October 28, counties can no longer send ballots by mail. Instead, you must to go to a Voter Service and Polling Center in order to update your registration and request a ballot.

Read all instructions with your ballot. Mark your choices by filling in the ovals with a black or blue pen. Prepare and sign the return envelope.

Return your General Election Ballot by mail with paid postage, or deliver it to any one of our ballot box locations. Ballots must be received Arapahoe County by 7 p.m. on Coordinated Election Day, November 5 to be counted. Postmarks do not count as received.

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Track your ballot online with Ballot Track. You also can sign up for text, phone or email messages when your ballot has been mailed to you and received by Arapahoe County.

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Visit a Voter Service and Polling Center between October 28 and November 5 to register to vote, update registration, replace or request a ballot, or vote on an accessible touch-screen tablet.

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The November 5 Coordinated Election will determine the outcome of local races and questions. The issues and races are not yet known. Check back in September 2019 for a sample ballot. 

Learn What's On The Ballot


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Become an adult or student election judge.

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Observe the election on behalf of a candidate or issue committee.

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Place a race or question on the ballot in Arapahoe County.