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On the Ballot
What is on the 2018 Primary Election Ballot?

The 2018 Primary Election ballot includes candidates for county, state and federal offices for the Democratic or Republican Party who are vying for a place on the November 2018 General Election ballot. It is not yet know if any minor parties will conduct a primary election.

Candidates are not yet known. See a list of offices up for election. There are no issues or questions on the Primary Election ballot.

Sample ballots for the Democratic Party and Republican Party will be available in May 2018.

Where can I find information on the candidates?

Beginning in May 2018, we will provide links to the website for each of the candidates' websites for federal, state and county offices serving all or portions of Arapahoe County only.

The Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder’s Office does not endorse and is not responsible for any content on any candidate website.

Your Mail Ballot
Will I receive a ballot for the 2018 Primary Election?

Ballots will be mailed beginning June 4 only to active registered voters who are Unaffiliated or who are affiliated with the Democratic or Republican parties. You will not receive a ballot if you are affiliated with a minor party as of May 30, 2018.

Make sure that you are registered to vote and your address is current at Ballots are not forwarded by the Postal Service, even if you have filed a forwarding request with the Post Office after moving to a new home.

The deadline to register to vote or update your registration online or by mail and receive a ballot by mail is June 18. After this date, you should register to vote and request a ballot at any Voter Service and Polling Center in Arapahoe County. 

Why will I get a Primary Election ballot as an Unaffiliated voter?

Colorado voters approved Proposition 108 in 2016, which allows Unaffiliated voters to receive the Primary Election ballots of all major political parties that are participating in a Primary Election.

This year, unaffiliated voters will receive the Primary Election ballots for both the Democratic and Republican Parties. You may vote and return only one of the ballots. If you return more than one party’s ballot, your vote will not be counted.

As an alternative, unaffiliated voters may declare a ballot preference in advance of the Primary Election at and receive just one of the major party's ballots in the mail. This helps to conserve taxpayer resources, because your county will only need to print and mail one ballot, instead of two.

What if I didn't receive my ballot?

By law, only voters who are Unaffiliated or affiliated with the Democratic or Republican parties can vote in this election. If you are affiliated with a minor party as of May 30, you are not eligible to vote in the Primary Election and will not receive a mail ballot.

If you are Unaffiliated or affiliated with the Democratic or Republican party and you did not receive a mail ballot, please call our Elections Division at 303-795-4511 by June 18 to update your voter registration and request that one be mailed to you. After this date, it is too late to send a ballot by mail. 

Between June 18 and June 26, please go to any Voter Service and Polling Center in Arapahoe County to update your voter registration and request a ballot.

Can I change my affiliation in order to vote for another party's candidates?

If you are affiliated with a political party, you may change your party or become unaffiliated until May 29, 2018.

After this date, it is too late to change your party affiliation for this Primary Election, and you cannot request the ballot of another party, either over the phone or at a Voter Service and Polling Center.

Can I leave some races blank?

Yes, you may leave any race blank. You do not have to vote on every race unless you choose to do so. We will count any races that you do choose to vote on.

Can I vote for more than one option on my ballot?

You should vote for just one option in all races, unless the ballot specifically states “Vote for Two” (or more.)

If you select more than one option on 'one-vote' races or issues, your vote for that specific race or issue will not count. 

How should I fill in my ballot?

Read all instructions with your ballot. Mark your choices by filling in the ovals with a black or blue pen.

Please completely fill in the oval next to your choice. Do not use an 'x' or check mark, as these are not easily read by our scanning machines.

If you make a mistake, please clearly indicate which candidate you meant to vote for by writing a small note or by circling their name. Our scanning machine will always recognize these markings, and our bipartisan teams of trained election judges will review your ballot to determine your intent and count your vote as you noted. 

How do I return my mail ballot?

Return your ballot by mail with paid postage or deliver it to any Ballot Drop-Off Location or Voter Service and Polling Center.

Ballots must be received by 7 p.m. on Election Day, June 26 in order to be counted. Postmarks do not count as received. The United States Postal Service recommends mailing your ballot by Tuesday, June 19 in order to ensure it arrives on time to be counted.

All eligible ballots received by 7 p.m. on Election Day are counted in the same manner.

How can I know that you received my ballot?

Track your ballot online using Arapahoe County Ballot Track. You will see when your ballot has been received by Arapahoe County for counting. 

You may also sign up for free text, email or phone messages when your ballot is mailed to you and safely received by Arapahoe County for processing in every election.

Do I need to include a copy of ID with my ballot?

If you are voting for the first time in Colorado and did not provide ID when you registered to vote, you must provide a photocopy of your ID in the Official Return Envelope, so that your ballot can be counted

The instructions that arrived with your ballot will indicate in red on the front if you are required to provide a photocopy of your ID. Please read these instructions for details and acceptable forms of ID. If your ID shows an address, it must be located in Colorado.

Duplicate or Replacements
Why did I receive more than one ballot?

You may have received multiple ballots from Arapahoe County if you have updated your voter registration or requested a replacement ballot in the time period since ballots were first printed and mailed. In this situation, you may vote and return only one ballot. It does not matter which of the ballots you return, as our system will only process and give credit for one. An elector may only vote once in any election.

If you are an unaffiliated voter and you did not select a ballot preference, you will automatically receive both the Democratic and Republican ballots in the Primary Election. This is required by law. Unaffiliated voters may vote and return only one of the ballots. If you return more than one party's ballot, your vote will not count.

If you believe you received a duplicate ballot for another reason, please contact our Elections Division at 303-795-4511.

How do I request a replacement ballot?

If you make a mistake, damage or lose your ballot, you may request a replacement ballot by calling us at 303-795-4511 by June 18, or by visiting any of our Voter Service and Polling Centers between June 18 and June 26.  When we issue your replacement ballot, we will void your original ballot.

Signing the Envelope
Why do I have to sign my official return envelope?

Under Colorado law, voters must sign their ballot envelope and their signature must be verified against the signature in their voter registration record. (Title 1-7.5-107(5)(c) C.R.S.).

This prevents fraudulent voting by ensuring that you voted your own ballot. 

If your signature does not match or you forget to sign the envelope, we will not count your ballot until the issue is resolved. Under Colorado law, we must mail you a letter with instructions to “cure” this issue by the 8th day after the election, in order for your ballot to be counted. For this reason, it is important to continue to watch your mail even after your return your ballot. 

Why is my signature visible on my official return envelope?

Arapahoe County moved to a new envelope style that does not include a paper tab over the voter’s signature. This change saves Arapahoe County approximately $17,500 in taxpayer dollars for printing costs, plus more than $20,000 in labor costs for temporary workers who historically removed the tab before ballot sorting. The paper tab did not serve the purpose of protecting against unwanted access to a voter’s signature in the mail system, since it could easily be torn off at anytime by anyone.

If you are concerned about the privacy of your signature in the mail system, we encourage you to return your ballot to one of our secure ballot boxes in Arapahoe County. These ballots are collected daily and transported by a bipartisan team of two election workers to our warehouse for processing, so you can trust that your signature will not be seen by anyone outside of our election team.

Voting In Person
Do I need to show an ID to vote in-person at a Voter Service and Polling Center?

Yes, Colorado requires voters to show a valid ID when they appear to vote at a Voter Service and Polling Center. See acceptable forms of ID.

Where should I go to vote?

You may visit any one of our four Voter Service and Polling Center between June 18 and June 26. There are no assigned polling locations.

However, by law, only voters who are Unaffiliated or affiliated with the Democratic or Republican parties can vote in this election.

If you are a new voter and you wish to register to vote and cast a Primary Election ballot at a VSPC, you must register as Unaffiliated, Democratic or Republican in order to receive a ballot. 

If you are affiliated with a minor party as of May 30, you are not eligible to vote in the Primary Election and should not go to a Voter Service and Polling Center.

What services are available at a Voter Service and Polling Center?

Services available at a Voter Service and Polling Center include:

  • drop off a voted ballot
  • register to vote
  • update registration
  • request a new ballot
  • replace a mail ballot
  • vote a provisional ballot; or
  • vote on an accessible electronic tablet.

If you have already received a mail ballot, we will void the original ballot so that you can vote in-person. An elector may not vote twice.

Campaign Activities
I am registered on the "Do Not Call" List, but I still receive calls from candidates and political campaigns. Is this legal?

Yes, this is legal. Under Colorado law, there are exemptions to telephone solicitation, and political calls are one of them. Calls are permitted that are:

  • Made for the sole purpose of urging support for or opposition to a political candidate or ballot issue; or
  • Made for the sole purpose of conducting political polls or soliciting the expression of opinions, ideas, or votes.

In addition to the political phone calls, there is an increase in the volume of political literature sent through the mail. Unfortunately, there is no complaint or removal process established for these types of calls and mailings. You can contact us at 303-795-4511 to request that your phone number be removed from your voter registration record, but this provides no guarantee that your phone number will not be obtained from other sources.

To reduce the number of political calls, we urge you to return their ballots as early as possible before Election Day. As soon as you return your voted ballot, your name can be removed from campaign lists, so you can enjoy a quieter election season without campaign calls.

What campaign activities are prohibited near ballot boxes and voting locations?

Electioneering is not allowed within 100 feet of any Voter Service and Polling Center or Ballot Drop-Off Location. Electioneering includes campaigning for or against any candidate, ballot issue or question that is on the ballot. Each Voter Service and Polling Center should have an orange cone marking the 100-foot limit. Voters may not wear pins, t-shirts, hats, or other apparel that displays a preference for a candidate, political party or ballot issue/question inside of a Voter Service and Polling Center.

Campaign workers may be outside of Voter Service and Polling Centers to offer water, snacks, and other items to voters who are in line to vote. However, these “comfort teams” may not campaign or wear campaign apparel.

How do I become a poll watcher?

To be a poll watcher, you must be registered to vote in Colorado and formally appointed by an authorized individual or entity. To learn about appointments and training for poll watchers, please see our Poll Watchers web page.