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Election Transparency Page

Colorado is known nationally as a leader in conducting fair, secure, and accurate elections while offering accessible options for everyone who wants to vote. This page provides trusted nonpartisan information about voting security, testing, auditing, and certification processes in Arapahoe County Elections.

A pair of two men in face masks looking at retrieving ballots for a random audit from a row of ballot boxes.

The Elections Division conducts an audit after each election to compare voting system data to hand-counted paper ballots. This process ensures that results reported to the Secretary of State’s Office database match the results from voters’ paper ballots.

Visit The Colorado Secretary of State's Audit Center for Risk-Limiting Audit information

After every election, representatives from both major political parties in Arapahoe County meet with the Clerk and Recorder and the Deputy Director of Elections to review and certify election results. These Canvass Board members agree that the process was conducted fairly and that results were counted accurately when signing.

Click here to view the bipartisan Canvass Board report for the 2020 November Election.

You can also view the Unanimous Canvass Board Certification here.

Watch the video of the 2020 November Election Canvass Board meeting, discussion, and certification.

Follow the journey of a Colorado mail ballot, from the time it’s mailed to you to the time it’s received and counted by the Elections Division. Click the link to view this short educational video.

Watch the Life of an Arapahoe County Ballot video

All voting systems in Colorado must be constructed according to strict guidelines to ensure data is recorded accurately and coding is reliable. Follow this link to view the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office trusted build policy.


To ensure the transparency of our elections processes, certified election results and redacted cast vote records are available to the public. Follow these links to view certified results for the 2020 General Election and voter lists.

Official Certified Election Results

Statement of Votes Cast by Precinct

Redacted CVR  






A mandatory recount occurs when difference between the winning candidate) and the runner-up is less than or equal to 0.5% of the highest votes cast. If more than one person will be elected to office (like two at-large city councilpersons), a recount can be triggered by the difference between the winning candidate with the least votes (lowest winner) and the losing candidate with the most votes (the first runner-up) meeting that 0.5% mark.

The bipartisan Canvass Board repeats all voting systems logic and accuracy testing before any recount and must meet to certify the results after the recount is concluded. 

To view the November 2020 bipartisan Canvass Board recount report, click here.

To view a copy of the November 2020 Certification of Recount click here.

Due to continuing public health precautions in County buildings, we are not conducting any in-person tours of our ballot processing facility at this time. We will post information here if we are able to resume public tours this fall before the November 2021 Coordinated Election.

Watch a behind the scene tour of the Elections Facility

The system tracks the barcode on the outside of your ballot envelope, so your actual ballot and voting selections remain anonymous.

Track your ballot for this upcoming Election!